Supermom - Interview with Raissa Ng

kromcollective Dec 19, 2016

The most awaited heartfelt moment has come, Mother’s Day is truly a day worth to celebrate with our beloved one and only Mother. It never came across our mind of how many sacrifices they have made to keep us alive and feel safe, to feel her warmth and endless comfort. As we grow up, we did not realize how many ups and downs with her that shaped us through with who we are today. Despite of all that, a mother is undeniably great at multitasking. Other than taking care of us, they also need to splurge on themselves; starting from beauty, lifestyle, and sure one thing we know is how they put an outfit as a Mom


About a week ago, we had an interview with Raissa Ng! A super stunning Mom juggling with her work, college, family (most importantly is taking care of her adorable son named Jed!).

We asked a few questions about her styling tips, inspiration, what she has became right now, and how she just know how to handle everything, here are the Q&A session:

Raissa is wearing Clarissa Top in White and alice shorts in Pink

  1. Q: What do you like about this outfit?

A: As a breastfeeding mom, I need loose top to make it easy to breastfeed my baby anytime anywhere. This top really makes me comfortable in all ways, easy access for the baby and the fabric is very soft. Also the pants!! It's wide so it is easy for me to run and catch my baby (haha). A mom should not only focus on the baby but also need to focus on her mood too. Dressing up as comfortable as I can, boost up my mood and of course when le mommy is happy le baby will be happy too :)


Raissa is wearing Boston from and Amelia Top in Pink

  1. Q: What inspires you everyday?

A: Inspiration could came from anything, believe it or not, nowadays posts from instagram has inspired me a lot. Mostly from moms who love to share DIY activities for kids, food recipes and tips on parenting. Everyday I struggle a lot thinking of what to cook tommorrow for my baby. I am not a good cook, I rarely cook before Jed was born and now I have to prepare baby friendly food and this stressed me very much. So the inspirations I am looking for these days are mostly easy to cook baby foods. Thanks to those moms on instagram who share their menus :)


Jedson is Wearing Boston from

  1. Q: How has motherhood change you?

A: Motherhood  is something I never imagined before. Before Jed came, I can do anything anytime anywhere, but now I can only do things while he is asleep. It is soooo hard to have 'me time' right now as Jed got no nanny and I have to take care of him all day long

Raissa is wearing Arika Dress in Grey and Denmark shades from

      4. Q: . On business, how did it all begin? how did you come about doing what you do now?

A: When I first graduated from highschool, I was so clueless, didn't know what major to take, which uni to go etc. I decided to go for Fashion Design course in ESMOD Jakarta. I thought design would be easy because i dont have to remember or calculate numbers, all i have to do is draw and create clothes. But my thought was totally wrong, 3 years in achieveing Diploma in Fashion Design and Pattern Making was not easy at all, but hey I survived. 

I've done several internships during uni, from woman's gown designer, garment company to children's wear brand and I started making custom made gowns after I graduated from ESMOD. After I graduated, then comes this clueless moment again. I didn't want to go to work under somebody because I also have my own clothing line and made by order line. Then my parents suggested me to go for another school, law school. 

I survived another 3.5 years of achieving my Sarjana Hukum (cum laude haha so proud of myself) and now I am a student of magister of Public Notary in Universitas Indonesia. People might ask why from design to law, my answer will be, why not? Thanks to my parents for giving me a lot of support in studying, the more the skills you have will make your life better (i believe in this).

Thus, having kids does not mean stopping from what you want to accomplish in life! It may seem unbelievable but hey! As long as the passion is still there, the spark will be there too. 


Instragammable cafes for OOTD (Singapore)

Ingrid Ta Dec 15, 2016
Hey peeps, if you are wondering where is that one spot in Singapore you can take multiple ootd shots while cafe hopping, look no more! You can easily find cafes that are insta worthy along the stretch of victoria st. 

Love this old school rustic vibe with the sliding door as background. It is located just beside Symmetry cafe where they serve awesome coffee waffles. Take note that for food photo taking, it's recommended that you sit outside for natural lighting as the cafe is more to the dim-romantic feel.

Next up, if you walk towards Bugis Mrt, you will find this giant mural of a girl holding the cat. I just had to stop to take some pictures but as you can tell, the wind is not my best friend that day. 

Walking along, you can't miss Artistry cafe with it's big signage, steps, tall tables and chairs outside. The sign itself is a very good ootd point. 

If you are feeling like having super food on that day, they serve the best kale! It's crunchy, it's healthy!

However it's not just about the ambiance that makes a good OOTD shot.

Tips for taking ootd:

Lighting (saves time on editing and it'll look more natural)

Know your angles! 

Plan your outfit to match the place you're going to take ootds at (yep, it's not that simple guys)

About Ingrid:

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to Singapore when I was 10. I flew off again to Sydney, Australia to pursue my degree (best time of my life). Here I am again back in Singapore, working.

Why do I start blogging?
I wanted to create a portfolio for myself about the things that I really love and passionate about (beauty, fashion, food) and hopefully I’ll make new friends (readers, bloggers, etc.) along the way.

Digging in To North Jakarta culinary adventure

Jessica Christy Oct 27, 2016
Digging into one of the well-known place in North Jakarta: Izakaya Kai. Brief
Tis Japanese restaurant is one month old baby from Chef Andhika Maxi,
Karen Charlotta, and Tempura Master Hitoshi Kimora. Sounds familiar? Yes, they're the masters behind your favorite western food and fancy cakes at Union and AMKC.
Knowing that they're exploring their area in Japanese food field, with the tempuramaster itself, excites me a lot to dig the goodness they offer.
Located in the Pluit area, North Jakarta, this hidden gem is not hard to find. Basically they're separated into two different storey: they first one is for easy Western food, the second one is for Japanese cuisine. Place is pretty, comfortable, with open bar for the Japanese section and off course displays of pretty cakes for the Western section.  Drooling me
Service is friendly, although they're still having those crowded weeks, it's fast and sprightful. Open my feast with brioche bun, one soft bun with flavorful minced pork.
Tempura set is one of their favorites, looks like everyone is enjoying their own on every table. Pork belly, reminds me of Chinese style of pork belly, is tasty and juicy. No wonder, this goodness has passed its 8 hours cooking time, must be delicious! Yakitori is offered in several styles, and I do recommend to have their tebasaki (wings) and tsukune (chicken meatballs). They may be simple, but those yakitori is surely well-
seasoned and tasty!
Hint: don't forget to close the feast with those fancy cakes from Chef Karen Charlotta.
Unique twist of their well-known red velvet with dense dark chocolate is one geniusidea!
Overall Izakaya Kai is one place you can try to have something different in North Jakarta. Place is pretty, convincing, and food is palatable. Come dig in!

About Jessica
A full time doctor and part time food blogger, in her 24th, who has a big affection on good food and her pile of medical books.
Caramelle On Top is the obsession in her childhood, leading her to start writing about her passion about food.

I Choose Monochrome

Cellini Kamil Oct 27, 2016

Everyone knows I'm into monochrome. It's all started when I was working in magazine 3,5 years earlier. Most people in fashion field (especially the editors) are obsessed with it (mostly black), and I do too.

Unconsciously I bought those colors and.. half of my wardrobe are full of monochrome (mostly black, yes) and I starting to realize how this colors made me comfortable.

My husband is one of the people who used to asked me, "don't you have any other color to wear?" The answer is I do, but I just don't feel like it. Haha! But sometimes, while I'm on a vacation, or for any occasionally event, I tend to go out with different color, but I still stick to a neutral or a tone down hue.

Why I choose to wear monochrome? Well, it because it's flexible, easy to match, and versatile. You know, like this black dress from Kromcollective, I can wear it, just like it is because the cutting and style are complimented itself for being stylish.

I do like dress, and usually I top it off with outerwear, but for this time, I went out to Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 yesterday, and just match it up with big hat in the same color while wearing a silvery glitter kitten heels to boost my rather dark look. And not to forget my red lipstick are making the statement to this whole outfit.

#1 TIPS: if you love to wear black or white, pick one item from your accessories to be the compliment color, it could be a red bag, or a silver shoes just like mine, or a makeup touch, like a red bold lipstick to finish your look. And that is, make a different! ;)

Until next time!


About Cellini

writer | beauty enthusiast | an art devotee
love to travel, read, and shopping.

The Perfect Pool Party Outfit

Thelma Kisela Oct 5, 2016
Playsuit is the perfect choice for those who wants comfort, simplicity while still being fun in clothing. I personally always love playsuits, because it is basic with a twist. This Mandy playsuit from Krom has two colors: black and white

White mandy jumpsuit

Another plus point of this playsuit is the sleeves!!! The bell- sleeves just add chic element to the whole outfit. With its flowy material, it swings just like it is when your hand moves. I also love the deep V neck, a very smart way if we want to elongate our neck! That's why i put on choker to balance everything.

Mandy playsuit details

If you are confused on what to wear for upcoming events, weekend outfits or holiday pieces, go with the simple, neutral color and fuss free item like this! 

I will add heels if i attend fancier events. I styled the playsuit when i was about having pool hang out with my friends, so i opted a white oxford shoes to make it casual chice, while accesorries are must! I brought the straw hat with me and it somehow matches the playsuit so well!

For 20% off all jumpsuits
Valid until our next blogpost ;)
About Thelma:
Discovering fashion, art, business and style, she puts the thoughts of her journey through photos and writings. She hopes to inspire the readers all around the world to be confident, smart and motivated as an Entrepreneur, Style Blogger, Speaker & Host.
Check her out on instagram and blogspot !

The Starting Point

kromcollective Aug 5, 2016

When it comes to styling, one of the easiest way to achieve an on point outfit is to pick a starting point and work around it.

Pick seperates that can be worn multiple ways!
Comfort, quality and stand out details is always a must ;)

Cody Shorts
1. The Basic Shorts

A great black pants will never let you down. When it comes to choosing one for tropical weather, make sure that they are comfortable, made from breathable material and versatile when it comes to styling. 

The Cody shorts is the perfect balance of comfort, tailored and relaxed. With a stramlined waistband, it is easily styled with tee, button downs or fancier tops for various moods and occasions.

hillary skirt
2. The basic Midi skirt

Perfect for a night out, a job interview or sunday brunch, the hillary skirt is everything you could want in a midi skirt. It's extremely flatering on all body types with just the right amount of skin peeking through the wraparound details. 
Bonita shirt
3. Classic white shirt

We can't gety enough of white shirts and here's why: It's supper versatile and can be worn from work down to lazy Sunday, it make you looks smart and polish with minimal efforts, it's a perfect layering piece.

angela dress
4. Little white dress 

Any discerning fashion fan knows, a classic little white dress is a wardrobe essential. For no-fuss styling, pick pieces with in-built versatility and edge. This Angela dress with flare details is the perfect one you can just slip on and go.