Digging in To North Jakarta culinary adventure

Jessica Christy Oct 27, 2016
Digging into one of the well-known place in North Jakarta: Izakaya Kai. Brief
Tis Japanese restaurant is one month old baby from Chef Andhika Maxi,
Karen Charlotta, and Tempura Master Hitoshi Kimora. Sounds familiar? Yes, they're the masters behind your favorite western food and fancy cakes at Union and AMKC.
Knowing that they're exploring their area in Japanese food field, with the tempuramaster itself, excites me a lot to dig the goodness they offer.
Located in the Pluit area, North Jakarta, this hidden gem is not hard to find. Basically they're separated into two different storey: they first one is for easy Western food, the second one is for Japanese cuisine. Place is pretty, comfortable, with open bar for the Japanese section and off course displays of pretty cakes for the Western section.  Drooling me
Service is friendly, although they're still having those crowded weeks, it's fast and sprightful. Open my feast with brioche bun, one soft bun with flavorful minced pork.
Tempura set is one of their favorites, looks like everyone is enjoying their own on every table. Pork belly, reminds me of Chinese style of pork belly, is tasty and juicy. No wonder, this goodness has passed its 8 hours cooking time, must be delicious! Yakitori is offered in several styles, and I do recommend to have their tebasaki (wings) and tsukune (chicken meatballs). They may be simple, but those yakitori is surely well-
seasoned and tasty!
Hint: don't forget to close the feast with those fancy cakes from Chef Karen Charlotta.
Unique twist of their well-known red velvet with dense dark chocolate is one geniusidea!
Overall Izakaya Kai is one place you can try to have something different in North Jakarta. Place is pretty, convincing, and food is palatable. Come dig in!

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I Choose Monochrome

Cellini Kamil Oct 27, 2016

Everyone knows I'm into monochrome. It's all started when I was working in magazine 3,5 years earlier. Most people in fashion field (especially the editors) are obsessed with it (mostly black), and I do too.

Unconsciously I bought those colors and.. half of my wardrobe are full of monochrome (mostly black, yes) and I starting to realize how this colors made me comfortable.

My husband is one of the people who used to asked me, "don't you have any other color to wear?" The answer is I do, but I just don't feel like it. Haha! But sometimes, while I'm on a vacation, or for any occasionally event, I tend to go out with different color, but I still stick to a neutral or a tone down hue.

Why I choose to wear monochrome? Well, it because it's flexible, easy to match, and versatile. You know, like this black dress from Kromcollective, I can wear it, just like it is because the cutting and style are complimented itself for being stylish.

I do like dress, and usually I top it off with outerwear, but for this time, I went out to Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 yesterday, and just match it up with big hat in the same color while wearing a silvery glitter kitten heels to boost my rather dark look. And not to forget my red lipstick are making the statement to this whole outfit.

#1 TIPS: if you love to wear black or white, pick one item from your accessories to be the compliment color, it could be a red bag, or a silver shoes just like mine, or a makeup touch, like a red bold lipstick to finish your look. And that is, make a different! ;)

Until next time!


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The Perfect Pool Party Outfit

Thelma Kisela Oct 5, 2016
Playsuit is the perfect choice for those who wants comfort, simplicity while still being fun in clothing. I personally always love playsuits, because it is basic with a twist. This Mandy playsuit from Krom has two colors: black and white

White mandy jumpsuit

Another plus point of this playsuit is the sleeves!!! The bell- sleeves just add chic element to the whole outfit. With its flowy material, it swings just like it is when your hand moves. I also love the deep V neck, a very smart way if we want to elongate our neck! That's why i put on choker to balance everything.

Mandy playsuit details

If you are confused on what to wear for upcoming events, weekend outfits or holiday pieces, go with the simple, neutral color and fuss free item like this! 

I will add heels if i attend fancier events. I styled the playsuit when i was about having pool hang out with my friends, so i opted a white oxford shoes to make it casual chice, while accesorries are must! I brought the straw hat with me and it somehow matches the playsuit so well!

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